Vote YES on Measure C to support 21st-century education and safe classrooms for all students. 


We are fortunate to live in a community that understands and values the importance of a quality education. From higher achieving students, to greater neighborhood safety and improved property values, quality schools make a big difference for everyone.  


While our staff does a remarkable job providing a high-quality education, our schools need critical repairs to keep up with current safety and academic standards.  We need Measure C to repair and update our local classrooms and schools, build additional classrooms, and upgrade athletic facilities for school and community use. 


Now is the right time to make the necessary improvements to our schools. We know we can’t rely on the State to help us.  Postponing repairs and the construction of new facilities will only cause these projects to be more expensive in in the future. 


Measure C is a local solution, providing locally controlled funds to meet today’s safety, technological, and educational standards and support the high-quality instruction our students deserve.

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